Most of all the successful members of our team come from a sporting background. Here at Draft, we believe a sports mindset definitely takes your brand and us to a whole other level. So much so that we try to make our coaching academy and business culture competitive and fun to be involved with. We have been proven time and time again to raise the bar on every campaign we take on board never being satisfied with what others may set as realistic goals.


The wide reach we have here at Draft Elite Inc. has allowed us to develop relationships with other industry leading companies in many different countries allowing us to reward individuals with the ability to travel. We believe this is a key element to our success as it allows us to always stay ahead of the competition through our ability to gain the most cutting edge information worldwide and apply it straight here at Draft for you and your brand.

Pre-season intern program

The goal is to get you prepared for the working world upon graduating. With our pre-season program, we want to help develop your potential and highlight your skills for the future.


Events vice captain

You have made the team! Now it’s time to teach you the skills. You are now the face of our client. The goal here is to build brand value, awareness and help develop new talent on our team.


Events captain

You will be given the responsibility of leading the set up, representation and the team on our live marketing campaigns. Taking on responsibility as the direct link between the clients and their present and future customers.


Trainee manager

It’s time now to go win championships. Our unique training program allows team members to train over a period of 5-8 months, learning all the skills and qualities they need to lead and manage their own budgets and clients.